5 best protein powders for teens for overall growth

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Teenagers require additional protein for the overall development of their body. Check out this list of the best protein powders for teens.

Teenage is that phase of life where a person goes through rapid and significant physical and hormonal changes. This makes it essential for teenagers to pay extra attention to their diet and overall wellness. While eating healthy foods and deriving nutrition from natural sources must be priority, the youngsters may end up consuming less protein than essential. Protein is an important building block for heathy living, and sometimes, consuming protein supplements can help them meet the daily protein demands of their body. Protein powders contribute to the development of muscles, bones and tissues. It also helps build muscles, which leads to improved body weight and enhanced metabolic function. For these reasons, it is worth trying the best protein powders for teens. Check out our top picks!

5 best protein powders for teens

The best protein powders in India can help teenagers improve their overall fitness. Check out this list of the protein supplements, but also make sure to reach out to a healthcare provider to make a careful decision about including this in a teenager’s diet.

1. GNC Milestones Teen Protein

If you are looking for protein powders for teenage athletes, this one from GNC might be the perfect choice for you! It is formulated with special amino and micronutrients that fulfill the nutritional needs of young athletes. This whey protein powder promises to improve muscle growth and recovery. The presence of essential vitamins and iron helps improve oxygen transport in the body. Additionally, it promises to work on the immunity system and strengthens the defence mechanism against infections. This protein powder also contributes to improved concentration, energy levels, and supports stronger bones.

2. MIKIS Growth Formula

This whey protein health drink from MIKIS is the perfect protein supplement for growing kids and teenagers. It is infused with goodness of protein, vitamin C, calcium and iron, which improves overall fitness. This protein powder promises to form and repair red blood cells, bones and tissues. It also claims to help maintain strong bones and teeth. It helps in hydration, enhances immunity, stamina and contributes to brain development.

3. Gritzo SuperMilk Height+

If you want to include protein powders for teenage boys in your diet chart, this one from GRITZO can be the perfect choice! It is packed with the goodness of protein, calcium, 100 percent vitamin D3, colostrum, and ashwagandha or Indian ginseng. This chocolate flavour protein powder promotes natural height growth, fulfils the daily protein gap and contributes to optimal growth and development. It promises to strengthen the immune system, support brain development, reduces fatigue and enhances stamina. Additionally, this delicious protein supplement doesn’t contain any soy protein, refined sugars, colours, additional flavours and gluten, which makes it safe to consume.

4. Little Joys ActiveMix

This chocolate flavour protein powder from Little Joys is enriched with natural proteins like brown rice, almonds, walnuts, ragi and oats. The presence of essential vitamins and minerals helps boost immune defences and keeps common illness at bay. Additionally, this nutritional drink promotes healthy weight, height growth and strengthens bones and muscles. It also promises to regulate the body temperature, detoxifies the body and improves digestion.

5. Develo Kids’ Protein Powder

The Develo Kids’ Protein Powder comes in chocolate flavour. This triple protein supplement is ideal for the physical and mental growth of teenagers. It is packed with the goodness of casein, soy and whey protein, which provides all the essential nutrients that are required for overall development and fitness. Additionally, the brand claims that this product doesn’t contain any added sugar, artificial sweetener, preservatives and gluten.

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What are the benefits of protein powders for teens?

Protein powders help fill the nutrient gaps and support overall development. A better understanding of its benefits can help you avail maximum advantages of this nutritional drink:

1. Supports growth and development: For the development of muscles, bones and tissues, protein is essential. This drink ensures the supply of amino acids which is essential for this growth.
2. Helps meet nutritional needs: Teenagers require more energy and nutrition. So, regular consumption of these drinks can help maintain overall strength.
3. Supports body composition: It is essential for teens engaged in fitness and sports to maintain a healthy body composition. Adding protein powders in your diet can help build muscles, contributes to healthier body weight and improves metabolic function.
4. Improves immune function: It also supports the immune system, which helps teens to stay fit and healthy.
5. Fulfils nutrient gap: The best protein powders for teens act as a supplement that bridge the nutrient gaps, helping teens to intake essential vitamins and minerals.

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