Best collagen supplements for women: 5 top picks in India

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If you are looking for ways to improve your overall health, incorporate the best collagen supplements for women in your diet.

Women go through several changes in their body as they age – from energy levels and bone health to hormonal balance and skin ageing. One of the reasons for depleting levels of health as you age can be the less production of collagen. It is one of the most important proteins that your body makes, and it contributes to the overall health of your skin, hair, bones, muscles and more. However, with age, it becomes harder for your body to produce collagen. In addition, the existing deposit also starts to break down as one grows older. So, one of the ways to keep a healthy balance of collagen level in your body is to take collagen supplements. We have curated a list of the best collagen supplements for women, but they must be had only after you consult your healthcare provider.

5 best collagen supplements for women

Regular intake of the best collagen supplements may help women maintain their overall health.

1. Wellbeing Nutrition Pure Korean Marine Collagen Supplements

Try these collagen supplements for bone, skin, hair and joints by Wellbeing Nutrition and improve your overall health. This unflavoured supplement is sourced from wild-caught fish, which is enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact. It is rich in amino acids like glycine, proline, lysine and hydroxyproline that helps protect cells against free radicals. Regular intake of this supplement reduces oxidative skin damage caused by harmful UV radiations and contributes to skin elasticity and moisture retention. Besides improving skin health, this collagen supplement for joints and bones works best as it promises to stop bone deterioration, strength and repair cartilage. It promotes the development of new connective tissues around every joint, prevents major joint conditions and contributes to better joint comfort and flexibility. In addition, the brand claims that the product is free from added sugar, preservatives, and fillers, which makes it safe to consume.

2. INJA Wellness Fit Marine Collagen Supplement

The INJA Wellness Fit Marine Collagen Supplement for Women is enriched with the goodness of vitamin C, glucosamine and coffee powder. Regular intake of this supplement helps improve collagen absorption, boosts immunity, and stimulates blood flow. It helps improve joint and bone health, reduces inflammation, and preserves flexibility. These supplements also aid muscle recovery, improve gut health and digestion. In addition, you can also consume this collagen for skin as it promises to increase skin hydration, glow, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, texture and improves skin elasticity. This coffee flavoured collagen strengthens your hair roots, nails and fosters growth.

3. IMMUNOSCIENCES Premium Marine Collagen Supplements

The IMMUNOSCIENCES Premium Marine Collagen Supplements contain marine collagen peptides and vitamin C that help enhance and nourish your skin. This unflavoured and sugar-free supplement enhances keratin, replenishes hair loss and improves your hair quality. Regular consumption of this supplement alleviates joint discomfort and encourages the natural lubrication between joints. It also contributes to your metabolism and energy, which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

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4. YourHappyLife Collagen Supplement for Women and Men

YourHappyLife Collagen Supplement for Women and Men is infused with wild caught marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, schisandra berry, vitamin C, E, biotin, aloe vera leaf extract and astaxanthin. This supplement cleanses out all the toxins from your body and promotes true radiance, thus leading to improved skin texture and reduced dryness. It helps boost skin cell renewal, reduces dark spots, pigmentation, acne and strengthens hair and nails. In addition, these collagen supplements also protect your body from oxidative damage and help relieve joint pain.

5. INLIFE Collagen Supplements

The INLIFE Collagen Supplements is loaded with biotin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine hydrochloride, hydrolyzed collagen peptides and vitamin C. The brand claims that this supplement is 100 percent pure type 1 and 3 collagen protein, which helps enhance hair and skin health. It also promises to maintain stronger bones and skin elasticity. So, ladies, without wasting any time, include the best collagen supplement in your diet and improve your overall health.

What are the benefits of collagen supplements for women?

Collagen supplement benefits beyond skin health. It is one of the key components for connective tissues. So, take a look at the benefits of these supplements and avail its maximum advantages:

  • Collagen helps improve skin elasticity, firmness and keeps your skin hydrated. Regular intake of supplements can help you get smoother and youthful skin.
  • It also supports hair and nail growth. If you are dealing with bad hair and nail health, include collagen supplements in your diet to reduce breakage, improve strength and shine.
  • With age, women often experience joint discomfort. These supplements can help maintain cartilage integrity, reduce inflammation and support joint flexibility.
  • It contains essential amino acids which contribute to gut health, which is important for immune function, nutrient absorption and overall well-being.
  • Regular consumption of these supplements all help curb cravings and support weight management.

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