6 best unflavoured whey protein powders to build muscle strength

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Pair your workout regime with the nutritional support by including the best unflavoured whey protein powders in your diet.

A healthy lifestyle is the building block of a healthy body. While sweating it out in the gym looks like the perfect way to maintain a healthy physique, paying attention to your diet is equally important. A well-balanced diet must include essential nutrients like protein for building muscle mass, recovery, repairing cells and improving overall health. Food is a potent source of protein, but including protein powders in your diet can also be effective. Among various types of protein, whey protein is considered as one of the best owing to its high nutritional value, dietary fibre content and its easily digestible nature. If you are looking for the best unflavoured whey protein powders to add it to different recipes, read on!

6 best unflavoured whey protein powders

Including the best unflavoured whey protein powders can help you improve your overall health. But, it is advisable to consult a professional healthcare expert to know what is best for your body. Check out this list of the top unflavoured whey protein brands that can try:

1. NAKPRO Platinum Plus+ Whey Protein Isolate

Looking for unflavoured whey protein powders for beginners? Try this one from NAKPRO. This platinum whey protein powder gives 29-70 of protein per 33g serving size. The brand claims that this product doesn’t contain any sugar, soy and gluten. It dissolves easily and supports high intensity workouts. Regular consumption of this protein powder may help reduce fatigue and improve endurance. This formula provides creatine monohydrate that helps boost performance in short duration high intensity activities. This unflavoured whey protein powder increases the amount of ATP available in your muscles, helps build muscle strength, size and supports faster recovery. Consuming this protein powder will not cause bloating or lumps, which makes it a good choice for a healthy body.

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2. NUTRABAY Pure 100% Raw Whey Protein Concentrate

This 100 percent vegetarian and unflavoured whey protein powder for muscles by Nutrabay is a a gluten-free protein supplement that delivers 26.5g of protein and 6.2g BCAA per serving. Free of amino spiking, artificial colours, fillers and added sugar makes this protein powder a safe choice. It promises to help build lean muscle, enhance recovery, boost immunity and reduce muscle loss. Extracted using the cross filtration method, this whey protein powder contains all the protein nutrient in its original form and contributes to healthy metabolism.

3. MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein

The MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein Powder promises to offer the purest and extremely potent form of protein. Every scoop of this protein supplement delivers 24g of protein and helps preserve all the essential nutrients. This unflavoured whey protein powder provides protein synthesis and supports muscle growth. It also helps in recovery by offering a sufficient amount of amino acids. Besides helping in muscle building and recovery, this protein powder makes sure that your body can easily absorb them. It contains added digestive enzymes like bromelain and papain, which helps enhance protein utilisation and recovery. Adding to that, the brand also states that the product is free from any additives and sweeteners.

4. AVVATAR Whey Protein

AVVATAR Whey Protein Powder is free from artificial flavours, which makes it easy for you to add the flavour of your choice. This soy free protein supplement is packed with 27g of fresh whey protein which helps build strength and supports muscle growth. It contains naturally occurring BCAAs and other EAAs, which speeds up recovery after intense workout, promotes protein synthesis, helps build new muscles and enables cell recovery. The presence of glutamic acid in this unflavoured whey protein helps maintain acid levels, immune and digestive system. It is also loaded with naturally occuring milk calcium that helps maintain bone health, digestion, gut health, metabolism and provide better hold for muscles.

5. TruNative Raw Whey Protein Concentrate Powder

This unflavoured whey protein powder by TruNative is 100 percent vegetarian and doesn’t contain any artificial colours or added sugar. This protein powder is the right choice for those who want a clean and minimally processed protein source. Free of preservatives, amino spiking and additives, this protein supplement delivers the most natural and pure whey protein. Unlike flavoured protein powders that are hard to digest, this unadulterated protein powder is easy on your stomach. Each scoop of this protein provides 24g of protein, and it is a perfect choice for muscle growth, repair and recovery.

6. AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein powder is minimally processed which ensures that you get maximum nutrients in their original form. Free from additives and fillers, this whey protein powder promises to promote muscle growth, boosts recovery and reduces muscle loss. Including this protein powder in your diet can be an effective way for muscle gain and overall health.

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Is unflavoured whey protein better?

Some of the benefits of unflavoured whey protein powders include:

  • They are highly versatile as you can add these protein powders to various recipes and beverages as per your need.
  • Unflavoured protein powders allow you to customise your shakes and recipes as per your taste and nutritional goals.
  • These protein supplements are minimally processed which ensures that they provide all the essential nutrients in their original form.
  • Free of harmful chemicals, additives, sugar, gluten and preservatives, the unflavoured whey protein powders are pure.
  • They are packed with essential nutrients that help build muscle mass, strength, support recovery and repair body cells.
  • Unlike flavoured protein powders, unflavoured protein powders are easy to digest and are gentle on your stomach.

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